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Some  links I've found useful or interesting:

bulletAidil Jazmi's Magic-1 Clone
bullet Dave Brook's Simplex Computers
bulletMark's TTL Microprocessor
bulletDavid Conroy's PDP/4 & PDP/8 Reimplementations
bulletAndrew Holme's Mark 1 and Mark 2 FORTH computers
bullet Randy Thelen's Mippy
bullet John Doran's D16/M (more photos, playing chess)
bullet Dennis Kuschel's MyCPU
bulletTim Böscke's 4-bit TTL CPU
bulletBarry Cross's project to build a z80 homebrew
bulletALU Design
bullet Hans Summers' 40-bit async CPU
bulletLots of useful datasheets (from Hans Summers)
bulletBird Computer
bulletCPU Design HOWTO
bulletFPGA CPU News
bulletBuilding a RISC System in an FPGA
bulletHomebrewing RISC Microprocessors In FPGAs
bulletPrehistoric CPU's
bulletuIP - A Free Small TCP/IP Implementation for 8- and 16-bit Microcontrollers
bulletMinimal 8-bit CPU in 32 Macrocells
bulletHomebrew CPU's (via The Internet Archive)
bulletForth Chips
bulletBuild Your Own Forth
bulletBaby RISC in FPGA
bulletDesign Your Own Microprocessor
bulletlcc, A Retargetable Compiler for ANSII C
bulletThe Ultimate RISC
bulletBit Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs
bulletTOY/2 - A minimal 16-bit CPU
bulletUseful notes on computer architecture
bulletAn 8-bit Stack Machine
bulletVSC (Very Simple Computer)
bulletA PDP-8 built using AMD 2900 bit-slice parts
bulletGenerating Video Signals
bulletMinix Boot Explained
bulletContiki OS
bulletCD16 Soft CPU
bullet Peter Faasse's 8255 IDE interface (what I used for Magic-1)
bulletKen Sumrall's Stuff

My brother Jim is also insane:

I think my brother Jim won't rest until he gets LInux running on his toaster.  Here are some of his crazed hobby project pages:

bullet Hacking the Linksys NSLU2
bullet Linus on the NSLU2
bulletLinux on the WRT54G
bulletSnort on the WRT54G

Useful books:

bulletDigital Computer Electronics, by Albert Paul Malvino, McGraw-Hill, 1977
bulletUnderstanding Digital Computers, by Forrest Mims III, Radio Shack,  2nd. Edition,1987.
bulletPrinciples of Digital Computer Design, Volume 1, by Abd-elfattah M. Abd-alla and Arnold C. Meltzer, Prentice-Hall, 1976.
bulletOperating Systems Design and Implementation, by Tanenbaum & Woodhull, Prentice Hall, 1997 [the Minix book]
bulletA Retargetable C Compiler: Design and Implementation, by Fraser and Hanson, Addison-Wesley, 1995 [the lcc book]
bulletBit-Slice Microprocessor Design, by Brick & Mick, McGraw Hill, 1980.
bulletBuild a Microcomputer, AMD, 1976-1979.  A series of seven booklets describing designs using AMD's am2900 family of bit-slice parts.   The parts of the series are:
bulletChapter I - Computer Architecture
bulletChapter II - Microprogrammed Design
bulletChapter III - The Data Path
bulletChapter IV - The Data Path, Part II
bulletChapter V - Program Control Unit
bulletChapter VI - Interrupt
bulletChapter VII - Direct Memory Access

Magazine articles:

bulletEGO: A Homebuilt CPU, Part 1: The Software, by Clifford Kelley, Byte Magazine, September 1985.
bulletEGO: A Homebuilt CPU, Part 2: The Hardware, by Clifford Kelley, Byte Magazine, October 1985.
bulletRoger Amidon's Spider, a 12-bit homebrew machine.  Byte Magazine, August 1976 (pps. 88-89).  Also featured on the cover of the Byte's April 1977 edition.

Buzbee Genealogy

bulletMy dad has done the research and determined that we Buzbees are descended from a long line of miscreants, scoundrels and crazy people.  A .pdf version of his book on Buzbee genealogy is here.

About me

Yes, I am odd.  Here are the details.


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